New Feature : News

In an effort to give away even more, I propose to add some blog posts. First off, let’s celebrate that this website is finally working. YAY!!! I had a number of technical challenges, and so have redone this website now 4 times. The last iteration I was happy with, except for the Members plug in I was using just wouldn’t work. I appealed to, and even paid for help from the writer, but to no avail. I think I have a work around, thanks to Holy Spirit. That is what seems to work: pray and ask for a new idea. So, now you can get the whole course at once, simple. And now, while you can not be a member with private chat, you do have more free info. So let’s party! And look for more info … maybe next week — or just as soon as I feel like the opening celebration has happened sufficient.

PARTY! YAY! Lots of children helped. Some churches helped. Some women employed. HalleluJah!

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