Whether Souls or Service… here is how.

We believe that congregations’ investing in early childhood could do much for the world’s problems, for specific children and their families, and even possibly for the congregations themselves.  Please see brief introductory information, according to your needs, available on the tabs across the top. Most of this site is devoted to members’ conversations with each other. For more in depth information for congregations considering making a preschool, please sign up for a free book, on a sign-up form to the right.


1. First Questions
Preliminary Space Considerations. Liability, Where to get the Regulations
Interview with 2 directors and 1 pastor

2. Aiming for Excellence & Organizing for Delegation
Visioning, Governance, Demographic Assessment

3. Vision budget : planning space, personnel, money

4. Secrets to Happy Management – Hiring and Managing Staff

5. Curricula choice and Best Value Equipment Purchase

6. Solutions to Shared Space Challenges, Health and Safety

7. Secrets to Pleasing Licensing

8. Fund-raising and Scholarships – Bringing in Money and Spreading it Around, While Avoiding Likely Problems and Conflicts

9. Secret of Effective Chapel and Connecting for Church Growth

10. Marketing Like a Master

11. Building a Lasting Legacy: Professionalization, etc.

12. Meeting the Mission Vision, Avoiding the 6 disasters and Achieving the 7 Excellences