New Feature : News

In an effort to give away even more, I propose to add some blog posts. First off, let’s celebrate that this website is finally working. YAY!!! I had a number of technical challenges, and so have redone this website now 4 times. The last iteration I was happy with, except for the Members plug in I was using just wouldn’t work. I appealed to, and even paid for help from the writer, but to no avail. I think I have a work around, thanks to Holy Spirit. That is what seems to work: pray and ask for a new idea. So, now you can get the whole course at once, simple. And now, while you can not be a member with private chat, you do have more free info. So let’s party! And look for more info … maybe next week — or just as soon as I feel like the opening celebration has happened sufficient.

PARTY! YAY! Lots of children helped. Some churches helped. Some women employed. HalleluJah!

CDC Regulations in Each State

Here is a link to a document that links to the regulations in every state.
CDC stands for “child development center.” Professionals hate the word “daycare” as if we were only warehousing children. Some like the word “preschool” but some think it is too schoolish or implies a part-time program. People in the profession normally use the term “CDC.”
(We do it this way, via link, so that there will always be an updated link. )