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For background on the problems of children and of education, and previous attempts to correct, please see

The Government is Not a Village

This is a book that is a more organized, point by point answer to *It Takes a Village* including more recent statistics. H Clinton was right about the problems, but the answers she suggests have not made the statistics better; they are worse.

The Truth about Testing. by James Popham, a consultant who wrote a lot of the “standardized tests” that school district buy — in order to make themselves look good. While there is ever most testing, the standards and hence the morale are going down. Popham explains why.

Religion, Education and Academic Success by William Jeynes A meta-analysis showing the robust, replicated effect of congregational affiliation.

For a practical answer see: How to Start a Daycare/Preschool as a Mission…. With a will and a surprising little money, many children can be permanently helped. Headstart has benefits that last until the 6th grade. Church affiliated schools tend to have statistically significant better outcomes. When character and cohort are added, these benefits can be lifelong.