Micro-school! New idea! There is a great deal of demand for new schools. We would love to help you start a school, big or little!

The good news is that a micro-school is possible — and a lot easier to start. Eight to 15, maybe up to 30 elementary/grammar school children. Another Kindergarten/First grade class. Another High School group. With eight, maybe as few as 1 faculty. With up to 90 possibly only 6 adults. Maybe nothing more than a fellowship hall! Or better, two more rooms. So, even a very small church works! Or a large home.

You just need good, widely age graded curricula for the grammar school. Now, at least one, tested now for several years, that has the vision to help micro-schools: My Fathers’ World. It meets my requirements: easy to teach from, with Biblical worldview integrated, and lots of hands-on projects suggested, and with manipulables for the pK-first grade set. Good extra reading books, too!

Perfect for a mom who has graduated from homeschooling who wants to continue and help families that can not home school.

Email me for a short free appointment to see if this is right for you. SSarles NO SPAM @protonmail.com (taking out what shouldn’t be there.)