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TCCN Lesson One

Thanks for signing up. I hope — and fully expect — this course will be very helpful to you. Here is Lesson One: click here.

Of course, you will want to quickly check to see if your building is likely to be acceptable to the licensing authorities. If you find that it is not, you may cancel the course and get your money refunded — in the next 30 days.

Please do tell others about what we are doing. Impress upon them the idea that missions matter, and the mission to the youngest is the most permanent. Early childhood education will pay off in many ways.

If you have any technical troubles, please reach out to us at Please be patient, because we are a teen-tiny operations and we depend on many outsourced tech vendors to make things work. Thanks.!

TCCN Lesson 9 – The Secret to Chapel and to Preschool Related Church Growth

In this lesson, as promised, I will share the secret of good chapel, the secret of preschool related church growth, and really also, how the two are connected. I have never seen chapel done well in any preschool, but it would certainly be vitally important to do it well. Often people complain that the preschool did not result in church growth for them, but it is always evident in such cases that they did not do what was required to connect the two and permit growth. Some churches do harvest membership from their preschool effort. Find out why, how, and how it could work for you.

TCCN Lesson 9 Chapel and Church Growth

Warning: thinking required herein. LOL You may be surprised, but in the end you will be happy.

Please share any great chapel ideas below. Or preschool related outreaches.

Lesson Three – Ratio, Staffing, and Vision Budget

Now that you have your space regulations and measurements, you and figure out how many children you can accommodate and you can begin calculating what your staffing needs will be. Then you can build your vision budget and begin to build your business plan. After that, you normally can delegate the project with some confidence that the committee has a clear idea of what you intended.

Several models of building space and staffing methods are included. Greet all the numbers as friends, because it is better to see how they dance on paper than be surprised later.

Happy figuring.
TCCN Lesson 3

Private Conversations Here

Facebook is great for some things — like finding old friends… and advertising. It is not the best place for long, reasoned, or controversial topics. Anything that might be be private, please keep it here. And it will be considered expected ethics that you don’t blab about others and others’ business that you read here. We need a private, safe space to explore ideas and air our concerns.

For instance, no matter how Biblical it may be to spank children, it is completely forbidden under licensing rules. I can imagine someone might want to discuss that topic. I can further imagine differing positions on the topic. That discussion needs to be here, on this site, behind the membership password protection — and not on Facebook, where people can take out of context, spread around, demonize… etc. You get the picture, right?

Please play nice. Remember we are all doing our best to follow Jesus, right? And to help children, right?

CDC Regulations in Each State

Here is a link to a document that links to the regulations in every state.
CDC stands for “child development center.” Professionals hate the word “daycare” as if we were only warehousing children. Some like the word “preschool” but some think it is too schoolish or implies a part-time program. People in the profession normally use the term “CDC.”
(We do it this way, via link, so that there will always be an updated link. )

Is My Building Sufficient?

I have been asked in to some churches to help solve the problem of building space.
One church decided while its existing building was not sufficient, that they could add a temporary building to house their first two preschool classes until they could build a permanent building.

Another new Anglican church decided they could use their one existing classroom and turn their multi-purpose room into classrooms by using folding shelves. Thus, the toddler classroom would have its toys put away for the elementary children’s Sunday School class. Similarly, the worship center was then to be used for the 3-5 year old classroom during the week, by putting adult chairs in a closet during the week, and folding up the shelves and rolling them into the closet for Sunday worship.

What good ideas do you all have to “make more space”?

BONUS 1 2, & 3

I hope you already have the book, but is not, please get it here: How to Start a Daycare/Preschool as a Mission:You Most Important Mission Can Pay for Itself

Secrets of an Effective Chapel Please notice that this will come in your downloads, rather than letting you click through. I like this one best because it allows landscape formatting for the curriculum.
Alternatively, here is the file in pdf. Secrets of an Effective Chapel

BONUS 2 Forms

BONUS 3 TCCN Parents Orientation Manual

PLEASE READ – Community Expectations


Welcome! So glad to have you in common mission with us. Please read the following guidelines. Then see the posted BONUSES, pinned at the top of the Members’ Page. Then either scroll down or search for any topic you wish to discuss.

Goals are to support each other in sharing information about and morale boosting encouragement for building congregationally affiliated.

Therefore, let’s keep conversation here all pleasant. To this end we will not argue our doctrine. However important and fun this might be, this is not the place. We acknowledge that we have members to come at their various missions in different ways, but here we will focus on this one mission.

Secondly, any problems concerning technical support, order snafus, and other issues with the administration should be directed to, and ultimately to Sharon Sarles. The community can not respond effectively to such a problem and so discussion of it is not appropriate here. We do have both email and in the finally also land mail. We explicitly ask for patience because we are a tiny operation, dependent on other vendors’ tech support, and not tech gurus ourselves. There may be thousands of you, but only one of me. And I might be away serving one of you, so please be patient.

It is, however, quite appropriate to have fun.

Please do contribute. Only if people visit and share will there be a robust community.