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PLEASE READ – Community Expectations


Welcome! So glad to have you in common mission with us. Please read the following guidelines. Then see the posted BONUSES, pinned at the top of the Members’ Page. Then either scroll down or search for any topic you wish to discuss.

Goals are to support each other in sharing information about and morale boosting encouragement for building congregationally affiliated.

Therefore, let’s keep conversation here all pleasant. To this end we will not argue our doctrine. However important and fun this might be, this is not the place. We acknowledge that we have members to come at their various missions in different ways, but here we will focus on this one mission.

Secondly, any problems concerning technical support, order snafus, and other issues with the administration should be directed to support@teachachildchangeanation.org, and ultimately to Sharon Sarles. The community can not respond effectively to such a problem and so discussion of it is not appropriate here. We do have both email and in the finally also land mail. We explicitly ask for patience because we are a tiny operation, dependent on other vendors’ tech support, and not tech gurus ourselves. There may be thousands of you, but only one of me. And I might be away serving one of you, so please be patient.

It is, however, quite appropriate to have fun.

Please do contribute. Only if people visit and share will there be a robust community.